How do I listen to "Rachel Maddow Presents: Ultra" podcast?



  • Peter Colgan

    Rachel, I loved the podcast! Thanks to you and the team for uncovering, dissecting and telling the story. I cringe, though, at the end of every episode as you're reading the credits. "The series is executive produced by myself..." reflects incorrect grammar! The misake is made every time you reference yourself, which is often, because you're amazing 😊. As pointed out in any grammar checker, you'll find the explanation like this: "You can use the word pairing “and myself” in a grammatically correct sentence, but only when the sentence’s subject is “I” and the first-person pronoun “myself” is part of a compound object. In other words, you can use “and myself” correctly when you are speaking in the first person." In the third-person sentences where you list those who are credited for helping create the podcast, you should refer to yourself as "me." "The series is executive produced by me" would work. A writing coach might suggest you write the credit sentences in the active voice: Mike Yarvitz and I executive produced the series...". I hope this is helpful.

  • Fredric E. Johnson

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